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7 Ways to Give Back to Your Community Today!

28 Oct 2020 5:53 PM | Anonymous

What is your community? Where do you find your sense of belonging and purpose? 

COVID-19 has left many of us seeking out our communities for support and inclusion. From physical communities to the ones we’ve created virtually, the act of contributing to and giving back is now more crucial than ever.  At the Global Leadership League, we are all about supporting our communities and their individuals. Because of this, we want to share a few ideas for giving back to your local community during these times of the pandemic. 

1.Plant a Garden or a Tree

This is a great way to physically impact and support your community environment. Get your hands dirty and spend some time planting a tree or garden area outside your home. 

2.Volunteer at a local Nonprofit

During these times of COVID lots of nonprofits may have restrictions around direct contact. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t help in other ways! From administrational duties to donation collection, there are lots of ways to safely volunteer for your local charities. Reach out and ask! 

3.Donate clothing/household items

Most of us have items around our house that we could stand to part with. Take some time to look through your closet, kitchen, and linens for clean well-kept items that could be donated to local charities. 

4.Install a Little Free Library OR Pantry

This one might be for those that are a bit craftier. But, if you have the room, consider creating a Little Free Library with books or a pantry with nonperishable items. Learn more about how to build one here, from the Little Free Library organization. 

5.Donate Blood

A quick Google search will pull up the closest blood donation centers for you. We recommend familiarizing yourself ahead of time with their COVID 19 procedures and policies, but this is one of the best ways you can physically support other members of your own community. 

6.Write Thank You Cards

Postal workers, firefighters, waste collectors, law enforcement, retail employees- there are SO many individuals that work to keep our communities running successfully and smoothly. A handwritten thank you letter is a great way to let them know that you appreciate them and all they do for their community. 

7.Community Clean Up

Whether it is an elderly neighbor’s yard or the park down the street, spend some time picking up the trash, collecting the debris, and all around leaving the space better than when you found it. 

We are all responsible for contributing to our communities and understanding that improvement starts with us. Because if not you, then who?

What are other community ideas we missed? Share with us how you choose to give back to your different communities! Reach out on either our Facebook or LinkedIn

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The mission of the Global Leadership League is to ignite change across the global education field by empowering, connecting, and training leaders.  Become a Member