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The League is managed by the following core groups:

1.     501C6 Board of Directors – this is known as the Executive Committee and it has oversight for the non-profit governance of the organization. No open roles.

2.     Executive Team – this group of key positions provides direction to major League programs and regional presence.  This group meets virtually once per month and provides key leadership support for each other and the organization overall.

a.     Open role: Director, Partnerships

b.     Open role: Director, Retreat and Revive Programs

3.     Coordinators – this group manages key programs under an Executive Team leader

a.     Open role: Coordinator, In the Vault

b.     Open role: Coordinator, Mentoring Outcomes

c.      Open role(s): Coordinator, Partnerships (3 positions to be filled)

4.     *new* Project Sprint Volunteers– this new category of volunteering allows for volunteers to work on a project without an ongoing formal role. Volunteers are tapped based on skill level and interest. 

a.     Open roles: There are many opportunities to serve in project-based work for areas like Research & Outcomes and Events.

Interested in the Executive Team and Coordinator roles? Please send a letter of interest and current CV/resume to by January 15, 2020.

Interested in a Project-based volunteer role? Submit your name in this survey:

Feel free to apply for more than one role! Any questions?

¹ Free League membership is available for volunteers in the Executive Team and Coordinator roles

Director, Partnerships (serving on the Executive Team)

The purpose of the Director, Partnerships role is to engage potential Advocates and to create strong communications with the current Advocate organizations.  This is a high visibility position and a key role for the organization.  Skills required include being a self-starter, excellent communications/writing skills, organizational and entrepreneurial strategy, relationship building and management skills. This position requires 2-5 hours a week on a consistent basis.

Responsibilities include:

      • Manage a team of volunteers who will establish a list of potential advocate organizations, connect & discuss the League for the purposes of increasing their engagement with us.
      • Design and implement a monthly “check in” process with Advocate organizations ensuring they receive a connection from us 1xquarter plus send special event invites as needed.
      • Schedule and onboard new Advocate organizations to deliver League benefits. Check in with existing Advocates to gain valuable feedback.
      • Prompt membership registration at the Advocate organization (they receive unlimited memberships and need support/prompt to ensure all their team gets registered)

Director, Retreat and Revive Programs (serving on the Executive Team)

*new role* The purpose of the Director, Retreat & Revive programs is to build a new program area for The League to meet member needs for longer term programs and potentially travel-learning programs. This is a high visibility position and a key role for the organization.  Skills required include ideation and program design skills, organizational and entrepreneurial strategy, and budgeting. This position requires 2-5 hours a week with a goal-oriented framework on new ideas.  Additional team members may be added once the programs are imagined.

Responsibilities include:

      • Innovate and develop new program ideas involving longer term curriculum
      • Consider costs, implications and design for longer term programs in/around existing conferences spaces and also stand-alone opportunities.
      • Innovate travel retreat options with both skill building and relaxation/cultural concepts.

Coordinator, In the Vault (reporting to the Executive Team Director, Vibrant Content)

The purpose of this role and program area is to create vibrant dialogue about real problems and solutions for our members and post the question and answer on the League website.   We envision this as a “safe space” to talk candidly about real scenarios so that our members can learn from each other.  Skills required include being a self-starter, having a clever sense of dialogue and prose, and a willingness to be open to candid viewpoints.  This position requires 1-2 hours per week on a consistent basis.  This should be something that creates a buzz with our readership!

Responsibilities include:

      • Promote the opportunity to members/non-members to ask questions for In the Vault
      • Recruit and work with a small team of anonymous responders by sending out questions, receipting answers and producing the short Q&A for the website.
      • Regularly communicating with the Marketing & Communications director to promote In the Vault. 

Coordinator, Mentoring Outcomes

The purpose of the Coordinator, Mentoring Outcomes is to devise a way to measure and capture outcomes from the League mentoring program.  This can be accomplished with surveys, focus groups or other means.  This role needs a creative self starter who can both create and complete an outcomes assessment after each of the three yearly mentoring periods.   This position reports to the Director of Mentoring & Coaching and will require more hours (5-8) at the onset to devise the right form of outcomes assessment tool and then concentrated effort after each mentoring period concludes. This person will work with the entire team to shape future programming decisions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Devise an efficient and meaningful outcomes assessment tool that can be efficiently deployed
  • After each mentoring cycle, collect outcome feedback and produce useful documentation for the League
  • (optional) design presentation to be given at conferences about this important work
  • (optional) consider next steps in the mentoring program after assessing outcomes

Coordinator, Partnerships (reporting to the Executive Team Director, Partnerships) 3 people needed

There are multiple, similar roles available.  This team of Coordinators will be responsible to invite new organizations to join as group members.   Skills required include being present at major global education events/conferences, ability to write effectively in email communication, willingness to be outgoing and meet new people, and to represent The League positively in all ways.  This is a highly visible position for the organization.  Team members may also be asked to work with existing Advocate organizations.  This team will be a fun, supportive group-effort toward growing League members. 

Responsibilities include:

      • Create a list of potential organizations to approach about becoming a League partner
      • Communicate in writing and in person (where possible) to discuss The League and the value of membership for individuals, groups etc.
      • Be a relationship manager with organizational members keeping them apprised of League programs, helping their members enroll, and fulfilling League value promises

Project Sprint Volunteers

We have created this *new* volunteer space so that you can help us with our mission even when you may not have time for a bigger role.   This project-based opportunity is a chance to use your skill set or partake in something you feel passionate about.  We call it a sprint as you will volunteer for a short time.

We will keep your interest in our database and reach out when there is a project that may interest you.  You can say “yes or no” at the time leaving you free to be a volunteer when and if it suits you.   Some roles may be accomplished in under a week and some may require a bit longer.   We hope this will be a new way to get busy people into our world and help us advance important work for our field.

EXAMPLE; In our research area, we need people who love:

1.     Background Research
2.     Investigative Work
3.     Storytelling
4.     Editing
5.     Layout and Design

EXAMPLE:  In our events area, we need people who love:

1.     Finding event spaces
2.     Arranging budget friendly food and drink
3.     Room layout, themes
4.     Finding speakers, format
5.     On-the-night hosting

Sign up to be a project sprint volunteer here: and feel free to ask questions at


Our members come from different backgrounds, abilities, levels of experience, and parts of the world. Our goal is to embrace this diversity and encourage relationships across generations and experience levels for the benefit of all involved. 

The Global Leadership League was started by a group of women in the field of international education for the purposes of advancing women’s leadership skills, knowledge, and connections.


Our Mission

The mission of the Global Leadership League is to ignite change across the global education field by empowering, connecting, and training leaders.  Become a Member