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Connecting Women Professionals

Bringing Different Perspectives to the Table

The Global Leadership League is an innovative, safe space to grow and develop your leadership skills. Our enthusiastic team of volunteers have created various programs to help you grow your network and advance your knowledge.


The team at the Global Leadership League is actively designing more ways to elevate women in our field through the Awards. 

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Whether you're working on a presentation, looking for someone to brainstorm with outside of your organization, or just simply looking for some perspective, Career Connections is the place for you.

Career Connections is a members-only benefit that pairs experienced League members (Guides) with other members (Explorers) who want to learn from their expertise regarding a professional challenge, while both parties forge a meaningful professional relationship and expand their network. We aim to connect members who are active in a variety of fields including but not limited to: 

  • Education Abroad

  • International Students & Scholars

  • International Enrollment Management

  • Campus Programming

  • and more! 

Connect with Others One on One

You can be connected with someone in your same or different role or you can be connected with a more experienced professional to work through a specific project or skill.  Think of things you might like to learn such as Budget Creation, Project Management, or Marketing and Social Media.  As you learn and develop your own leadership style, Career Connections can also be a resource to discuss workplace scenarios.  And, you may just need some encouragement for additional interests such as writing Conference Proposals, Starting a Volunteer Leadership role, or Writing in a Publication.  No matter your need, Career Connections may have your perfect match.

This is a members-only benefit and a great way to meet new colleagues and share/learn together.


Join us monthly for a chance to learn more about the League! Grab a drink and join the Partnerships team to get a taste of what the League has to offer; open to all interested non-members and members.

There are 3 versions of this meeting.

  1. In 'Learn about the League' we'll spend some time giving an overview of the League’s programs, provide a fun and topical ‘taster’ and enjoy the company of new colleagues. Plus you will have time for Q&A.
  2. In 'Mentor Highlight' we'll focus on our ever-popular Mentor Circles and Career Connections program; creating space to connect and provide brief information about joining the League to non-members.
  3. In 'Senior Leader' we'll create time, space and support for Senior Leaders to connect with each other to discuss the most pressing topics facing the field, our organizations and teams.

We’ll meet online for 30 minutes the second Tuesday of the month at 1pm EST (USA). We can't wait to meet you!


As a League member, you gain access to opportunities for learning and sharing your successes and challenges in a strong and empowered community.  This dynamic content supports your growth in four key areas: navigating the workplace, career advancement, leadership development, and personal growth.  The League will share diverse stories and content from our membership and from thought leaders in our field and others.  Join us in this vibrant community as we seek to support your continued learning and growth.

Sample Articles

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As a League member, you gain access to opportunities for learning and sharing your successes and challenges in a strong and empowered community.  This dynamic content supports your growth in four key areas: navigating the workplace, career advancement, leadership development, and personal growth.  The League will share diverse stories and content from our membership and from thought leaders in our field and others.  Join us in this vibrant co

in the vault: A Safe Place to Ask Candid Questions

Every professional - entry level, mid-career, and experienced - faces situations where they wish they had someone they trusted who would listen to their challenge and thoughtfully suggest solutions, or a new way to consider the situation.   

In the Vault is a safe, anonymous space for you to submit questions and receive candid practical advice from Sophia Confidential for even the most sensitive of issues.

Sophia is on hiatus for now. Please check out the vast library of expert advice in the Vault below!

Enter the Vault

tHE League Lasso

The League Lasso is launching in 2021 as a trusted space for members to inspire, create, and share their stories and writings with others. Members are invited to create a piece of writing.  The genre is open to all forms of the writing enterprise. The writing piece can be of professional nature or a personal outlet.  Here are few examples (as a source of inspiration, not limitation!).  Submit your work prior and then discuss online as a group.  We support each other! 

  • poem
  • cover letter
  • purpose statement for graduate school
  • proposal for funding a new program
  • letter to your congressional representative for advocacy
  • short story
  • letter to your high school senior before they leave for college


We are excited to bring you an amazing section dedicated solely to the pursuit of sharing real-world viewpoints from women in our field. Our goal is to interview women who have had either unique experiences or just plain more experience than you so that you can learn from their wisdom and apply it in your own daily work challenges.  Our interview style will change with every chat so that we can keep it fresh.  We hope you will read our spotlight interviews and get inspired to submit suggestions of other women who we should interview.  Every one of you has something special to share so please let us know who you would like to hear from!

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League Information Networking and Knowledge (LINK) events

Each year we convene hundreds women leaders and allies of women’s leadership across the globe at conferences and local gatherings. LINK events provide for the time and space needed to dialogue, think critically about and engage in action that supports and advances women’s leadership.

We need YOU to advance this important effort. 

Through our League Information, Networking and Knowledge (LINK) events, we  advance our goal of creating a vibrant, safe space for women to share and learn from each other, Networking with colleagues, leaders and advocates of women's leadership is also great way on top of your professional game to reap a number of social benefits. Research shows that greater connectedness leads to better healthhappiness and sense of community.

One of the many benefits of membership is to host a LINK event, making you a leader in our award-winning organization, showcasing your skills, deepening your networks, and adding to your portfolio of accomplishments.

Join now and sign up to attend a LINK event now. You’ll connect with others and learn about important issues and how the League is working for change.

Upcoming Link Events

  • No upcoming events

Mentor Circles

One of the cornerstones of a successful business model is collaboration. Whether around the table with colleagues from your own company or in a board room with professionals from around the field, there is value in bringing different perspectives to the table. The League understands the value of this process and recognizes that facilitating these conversations can take time and effort, so we’ve created Mentor Circles.

Take the opportunity to learn and grow with other professionals in international education on topics such as Blazing Your Career Trail and Designing a Well-Lived Life. Sessions commence a couple of times a year, and groups are made up of 3-5 individuals per session. This is a MEMBERS ONLY benefit. Please use the button below to register on our Events page.

Why Groups? 

One-on-one mentoring relationships can sometimes cause undue stress on both mentor and mentee: Am I holding up my end of the partnership? Are we sharing the same expectations? By using small groups of four, the group will share the responsibility of the mentor role. These groups are considered to be safe spaces where conversations are confidential.

Current Topics

Members choose from one of the following workbooks (additional topics will be added as they become available):

  • Blazing Your Career Trail
  • Designing a Well-Lived Life
  • Negotiating
  • Leadership
  • Navigating Change & Uncertainty
  • Exploring Management Concepts

Upcoming Mentor Circles

Research + Surveys

The Research & Outcomes Team has three specific goals within The League:

  1. Tell the Global Leadership League story through collecting quantitative and qualitative data on programs and services offered to League members,
  2. Understand the wants and needs of League members through an annual survey to enhance League offerings, and
  3. Create new knowledge by conducting original research on and with women working in the many areas of international education.

Members of the League benefit from the research conducted both internally and externally. Members who wish to learn or hone their research skills can volunteer to help gather and disseminate information important to The League…. A great resume builder for our League members.

The Chat Box

Are you seeking colleagues who can relate to our new professional and personal realities?

Has your employment situation unexpectedly changed? Are you eager to connect with new

networks in the absence of conferences, work travel and your office?

Dial into The Chat Box! Join us for 60-minute discussion groups on Zoom that tackle ‘real-

time, real-issue’ learning, empathizing and problem-solving with other League members,


  • Leading and Managing in This New World
  • The Virtual Professional
  • My Career: Now & Future
  • Taking Care of You
  • What’s Next for Global Education

Chat Box programs are hosted and scheduled across three regions – Pacific Rim, Europe

and the Americas – maximizing time zones and cross-cultural contexts.

Audio recordings, Top Takeaways and relevant League resources are available for Members after login.

Upcoming Chat Box Programs

  • No upcoming events


Interested in learning skills online from approachable experts? If so, our webinars are for you! We offer 3-4 one hour webinars every year tailored to the skills you want most.  We aim to meet you where you are, and based on the role of international educators, we know that it is not always convenient to meet in person. These webinars allow you to watch and learn in the comfort of your own office or home. The webinars will follow our themes and we will produce the best content possible with a goal of giving you take-away learning to apply to your daily work.

Anyone can view webinars for a nominal fee and members of the League will have access to the webinars for free. Consider membership in the League as a great investment in training that lasts for a year with even richer and more meaningful connections on top of the content.

Our upcoming webinars are always listed on the League's Events page of the site, so be sure to visit that page for more information!

Joan from IES Abroad said this about a recent webinar: "Thank you Global Leadership League for the opportunity to attend the webinar "Be a Hybrid Professional - Rethink what you really do" given by Sarabeth Berk. I found it to be thought-provoking and very encouraging. Sarabeth was an articulate presenter, and I always appreciate your comments as a participant. To a person working in a higher ed organization, who recently changed jobs within the same, I had not considered my hybrid-ness, and the value that brings to my new role, particularly at those intersection points. I will be taking a closer look and analyzing those aspects of my contributions as I look to enhance my role going forward."  

Upcoming Webinars


NEW for 2019! The Global Leadership League is pleased to offer timely and high-value workshops, centered around our guiding principles: a vibrant, safe space for women to learn from each other and advance in their own careers.

Our workshop series fall under three general categories that span the entire career life-cycle and beyond: 

  • Personal Success
  • Skill Development
  • Management 

The workshops are typically delivered in-person, in alignment with major international education events, to maximize affordability and accessibility.

Workshop trainers are seasoned intentional education professionals, many of whom volunteer their time with the Global Leadership League. We look forward to welcoming you to an upcoming workshop!

Upcoming Events


Our members come from different backgrounds, abilities, levels of experience, and parts of the world. Our goal is to embrace this diversity and encourage relationships across generations and experience levels for the benefit of all involved. 

The Global Leadership League was started by a group of women in the field of international education for the purposes of advancing women’s leadership skills, knowledge, and connections.


Our Mission

The mission of the Global Leadership League is to ignite change across the global education field by empowering, connecting, and training leaders.  Become a Member