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The Global Leadership League is an innovative, safe space to grow and develop your leadership skills. Our enthusiastic team of volunteers have created various programs to help you grow your network and advance your knowledge.

  • 25 Nov 2020 1:38 PM | Anonymous

    CHATBOX REVIEW: The Virtual Professional: Embracing the Camera, Takeaways

    1. How do we get used to being an ‘object’ and being seen online?
    2. Get comfortable with being on screen. Practice pinning your video.
    3. If you prefer no video, have a profile image.
    4. Showing up on Zoom comes with a price.
    5. Light / Frame / Body / Sound - all will effect image and confidence online, and can be controlled by us.
  • 17 Nov 2020 12:47 PM | Anonymous

  • 06 Nov 2020 10:02 AM | Anonymous

    Hoping to get to management or the C-Suite one day? This software exec who’s worked for Microsoft and Adobe shares her journey and four top tips.

    What piece of advice would you add to this list of four top tips for aspiring leaders?

    Read the complete article from Fast Company here.

  • 28 Oct 2020 3:52 PM | Anonymous

    Looking for a new podcast to lose yourself in?

    Here is an Australian produced show that some of our Global Leadership League board members have been enjoying. Take a listen! 

    This Working Life

  • 21 Oct 2020 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    CHATBOX REVIEW: So What to Do Now? Advance Your Career Plan! Takeaways

    1. Where are you currently in your career? What obstacles are you facing?
    2. Set Your Goal!
    3. Find an Accountability Partner.
    4. Complete a 90 Day Career Plan: 1. What To Explore? 2. Who Can Help? 3. Action Steps for 30/60/90 days!
  • 12 Oct 2020 3:30 PM | Anonymous

  • 02 Oct 2020 11:15 AM | Anonymous

    How do you keep your leadership skills strong?

    The skills that aided you as a leader for in-person connections won't always translate to online connections. 

    Image Credit: AlamyRead the complete article from the BBC WorkLife.

    Image source: Alamy

  • 17 Sep 2020 8:10 AM | Anonymous

    Address the real reasons you procrastinate and you’re more likely to start achieving your goals.

    Have you ever been known to procrastinate?   For many of us, it's a terrible habit. So, can you learn to stop procrastinating? Read the complete article from the BBC WorkLife here

    Source: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

  • 10 Sep 2020 11:34 AM | Anonymous
    If you're a member and have either missed a Chat Box, or want to go back through them all, you can access audio recordings, top takeaways, and relevant League resources through your member portal.

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  • 31 Aug 2020 1:11 PM | Anonymous

    Leadership Monday


Our members come from different backgrounds, abilities, levels of experience, and parts of the world. Our goal is to embrace this diversity and encourage relationships across generations and experience levels for the benefit of all involved. 

The Global Leadership League was started by a group of women in the field of international education for the purposes of advancing women’s leadership skills, knowledge, and connections.


Our Mission

The mission of the Global Leadership League is to ignite change across the global education field by empowering, connecting, and training leaders.  Become a Member